Our church has a rich history of mission and ministry in the City of Elizabeth, New Jersey. The story of St. Elizabeth’s – at its very heart – is that of the enfolding love of God. We have a history that dates back to 1859 starting with Trinity Church.

St. Elizabeth’s Church is a parish having a unique origin, and deriving its diverse membership tradition from the consolidation of four churches here in the City of Elizabeth. In 1973, Christ Church (1853) and Saint Augustine’s Church (1913) merged to become the Church of the Resurrection. Fifteen years later, on the night of January 16, 1988, a fire completely destroyed the Church of the Resurrection and plans were undertaken for yet another merger. Saint Elizabeth’s Church was then formed from the consolidation of Trinity Church (1859) and the Church of the Resurrection (1973) at the newly refurbished Trinity Church edifice on December 19, 1988.

We invite you to boldly and kindheartedly join us on our pilgrimage to explore the mystery of God in Christ Jesus within the mystery of St. Elizabeth’s whose proud boast is “A House of Prayer for All People.”

Below is St. Elizabeth’s Episcopal Church journey of Active Transformation ministry in the city of Elizabeth, New Jersey.