Sermon Notes - February 2, 2022
Sermon Notes - March 16, 2022

Living Well through Lent

“Good mental health can improve people’s enjoyment, coping skills, and relationships, educational achievement, employment, housing and economic potential, help reduce physical health problems, ease healthcare and social care costs, build social capital, and decrease suicides” -Centre for Urban Design and Mental Health

Studies show that urban communities are often burdened with higher rates of mental health diseases compared to rural areas. Urban areas have nearly a 40% higher risk of depression, over 20% more anxiety and double the risk of schizophrenia. In addition, the urban community battles with more loneliness, isolation and stress.

One of our much-loved members said to me in a recent conversation, “Fr Andy I am really terrified to come back to church even though I miss it so much.” This showed me just how overwhelmed we are in so many ways by the pandemic and the increasing threats of global warfare.

Lent invites us to journey into safe spaces for spiritual and mental care. In order to reach this valuable goal of spiritual and mental wellness, St Elizabeth has invited Kimme Carlos to lead us through our Lenten pilgrimage. Kimme is no stranger to us, having been with us in the past. As a companion she is recommending “Peace With The Psalms.”

Please join us as we journey with Jesus seeking a Balm in Gilead.

Sunday mornings at 9:00am. Please note there will be opportunities for individual and small group discussions.

Blessings Fr Andy