Easter is a Believers-only Event!
Festive Easter Sunday 2023

Father Moore with the Sunday School Kids during the Palm Sunday Play, “Tell Me the Stories of Jesus.”


Parenting and priesthood often times create moments of profound joy and pride while dwelling within the valley of the shadow of death. For Easter, our Sunday School kids, many of whom only a couple months ago were confirmed by Bishop Chip, led the joyful celebrations through their musical instruments and voices. After the commendations and accolades that they received, they felt so motivated and driven, that last Sunday, after receiving communion they rose with one accord and presented a petition to the Rector and wardens, “demanding the right to form a youth group”. This signed petition was graciously received by the wardens with a vow to fully support their demand. This joy however was overshadowed by the photo of Ralph Yarl, an innocent looking black teenager holding a saxophone. Fear and faith are closely related roommates in the hearts of black parents especially for their sons.


In the face of this abiding tension St. Elizabeth’s has set about combining music and faith to bring both a sense of hope and soothing balm in Gilead to its community. One of the greatest attributes about the Caribbean Region, is its ability to create out of tragedy and challenging circumstances some of the best music of every genre. Our resident LEM, and Caribbean luminary, David Gooding is inspiring  us with a renewed sense of hope through the ministry of music. On Good Friday, we were mesmerized by the musical accompaniment of Mr. Peter Mayers, a renowned organist and good churchman. Peter’s ministering to us through music, coupled with a fantastic solo by David, provided a beautiful setting to culminate our Passion week observances.

It is with great anticipation, we expect to be enthralled by Mr. Julian Bowen, over the next two Sundays. Mr. Bowen is another accomplished musician, one the Caribbean’s finest, and another good friend of David.

We wish to invite those who are struggling within the foreboding tension of faith and hope, to come out and be ministered to by the keys of the organ.

Insight into the life and works of Julian M.G. Bowen J.P.

Julian Bowen has been an Organist and Director of Music for over 30 years.

Having had his foundation in Methodism, he fell in love with choral music and Organ music while as a choir member at The Bethesda Methodist Church, Hope Road, St Lucy Barbados.

He was asked to take the post of Organist at Bethesda at the age of 16 with responsibilities of training and preparing the choir for services and concerts. The Methodist Church, especially Bethesda built the foundation for his musical career. At the age of 20 Julian was appointed as Organist of The Speightstown Methodist Church in St Peter Barbados as Organist and Choir Master.

Subsequently, after this appointment, he was offered the post of Organist and Director of Music at St. Peter’s Parish Church Barbados, “The Cathedral of The North” where he has been to present. This appointment has seen the choir produce many concerts, CD recordings, Local Television Recordings and State Funerals.

Julian is also the Director of Music of The Barclaysingers of Barbados and The Organist and Director of Music for St Patrick’s Roman Catholic Cathedral, Barbados where he leads a music department of musicians and three choirs.

Having worked several years in the educational system as a teacher, Julian moved into the Government services working through the Cabinet Office as a Personal Assistant to the Minister of State in the Ministry of Social Care, Personal Assistant to the Minister of State in The Ministry of Housing and Lands, Personal Assistant to the Minister of State in the Ministry of Economic Affairs and The Personal Assistant to The Minister of State in the Ministry of Education.

Julian was the Director of Music for the National State Choir coordinating and organizing the Musical performances for State Functions, e. g State Funerals, Independence Services, and other national services.

Julian is a Former Teacher of Music at The Alexandra School and is currently an Organ Tutor for the Anglican Diocesan Organ Scholarship. He has conducted many workshops in music throughout the Caribbean and in the USA.

He is the owner and CEO of ‘Partners Insurance Agent Inc., along with Music Works Company and The Julian Bowen Music Academy.

He is the Founder and Organizer of the Annual Barbados Classical Music Festival which is in its 10th year.

Join with us to welcome a minister of Music on Sunday April 23 and 30th at 9:00 am at St Elizabeth’s as we seek to sustain faith and hope in our Sunday School children.