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Harvest of Gratitude: Letter to Parishioners

The following is a letter from Father Robin Pierre to Father Andy Moore regarding his visit to St. Mary Episcopal Church in Pleasantville, NJ, on November 2, 2023.

Dear Canon Andy,

I hope this letter finds you well. I wanted to share some exciting news with you about my recent adventure. Yesterday I had the incredible opportunity at St. Mary Episcopal Church in Pleasantville and spend time with Father James with a group of ESL students. It was an experience I will cherish for a long time. The trip was filled with amazing moments of joy and hope. I met some remarkable people Haitian migrants to the USA among students, lawyers, and police officers. The warmth and hospitality of Father James, the ESL teachers, and the students I met were truly heartwarming.
But that’s not all, I also managed to capture some wonderful moments in photographs.  I am eager to share these pictures with you so you can get a glimpse of the fun we had together and the importance of working with God’s people. I’ve attached some of the best pictures to this email. I hope they bring a smile and allow me to share in my joy.
I am looking forward to our next meet-up where I can share more stories about the incredible Haitian migrant people in Pleasantville.
Best regards,
Father Robin Pierre