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Corona Update

March 16, 2020

Dear St Elizabeth’s Church Family,

We are about to embark on a brand-new spiritual adventure. The Corona-virus fallout effect is changing and transforming our society in ways and at a speed no one could have previously imagined. Yet, I believe this time is what we have been preparing for as we have been seeking, in many ways, to loosen our ties to the traditional understanding of worshiping God. Over the years, I have introduced these ideas of change in St. Elizabeth’s culture by using the term Faith Community synonymously with worship, our building and our missions in the community; all the ways St. Elizabeth’s does church. 

We have been building our social media network by enhancing our website to provide you with sermon/blogs and space for information sharing and for financial giving.  Recently, we began to explore the route many other churches and businesses are discovering; moving from ‘big box’ stores and large church buildings to smaller physical footprints to reduce both energy and maintenance costs.  A faith community must have the ability to be fleet-footed and agile, be able to provide information in a number of ways, be self-sufficient and frugal while still providing the needed spiritual guidance and support only a loving church family can provide.  With the onset of Corona, a glimpse of the future has been forced upon us.  Change is uncomfortable but always inevitable.
Please know that these challenges and changes are new, and we all are in new and somewhat uncharted territory.  I, along with the vestry and staff, will do our best to guide all of you on this spiritual journey. One of things I have learned in my life is that sometimes we learn best from our mistakes.  So please forgive me if I make any as we get used to this new way of doing church. 

During this period, we are called to pray for each other even as much as we miss seeing each other deeply. Please call each other to check in and provide support. Kindly use social media not only to spread bad news but reach out to cheer and support our church family.  Stay alert for regular updates, and if you can, share information with friends and family.
Through our love for God, we will get through this time and arrive on the other side of this time of transformation bolder and stronger in faith.

Stay Well and God Bless You All. 
Rev. Canon Andy Moore